one 1derful world

Many thanks to autumnsprout for this great submission!

This is a segment from Good Morning America that appeared a while back, to address the issue now known as “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” I would definitely recommend watching the video, but here are a few facts that stood out to me (and are pretty shocking!):

PLASTIC makes up a full EIGHTY PERCENT of the pollution in “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

The amount of plastic in these waters DOUBLED in only FIVE YEARS.

In ocean samples taken, there were SIX TIMES the amount of PLASTIC in the water than there were PLANKTON!

Only FIVE PERCENT of the plastic in our world today ever gets recycled!

Plastic waste and litter/pollutants makes a huge impact on the global environment we live in today; even little changes in the way we live can stop this problem from becoming even bigger.

Let’s set some goals, like:
+ carrying reusable water bottles, instead of buying plastic ones every day;
+ using cloth or canvas bags to carry items, for grocery/other shopping;
+ and RECYCLING the plastic we do use!
These simple changes are easy to make, yet still have the potential to have a great impact on the environment. Let’s make it happen!