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New Pics!

Many apologies for the necessary delay in posts! Due to travel conditions which provided very scarce (if any) internet access, posting new media, questions, or ideas proved near impossible. The good news is there are brand new, original photographs on the way to being posted!

Also, your own photographs, comments, ideas, etc. are ALWAYS welcome! (And of course you will be credited!!) Thanks everyone, new photos coming soon.

New “Submit” Button!

Hey all!
I’m hoping this can turn into a type of environmental awareness forum/informational pool type thing, and it’ll be awesome if there are submissions from a bunch of different people! As long as it’s relevant, it can be in the form of text/articles/written work, photos/videos, audio clips, links, or other submissions; basically anything related to environmental/global warming/climate change issues, tips for environmental sustainability, etc.
Thanks so much!