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New Pics!

Many apologies for the necessary delay in posts! Due to travel conditions which provided very scarce (if any) internet access, posting new media, questions, or ideas proved near impossible. The good news is there are brand new, original photographs on the way to being posted!

Also, your own photographs, comments, ideas, etc. are ALWAYS welcome! (And of course you will be credited!!) Thanks everyone, new photos coming soon.

If you’re into recycling, the environment, construction, design, or unconventional methods of problem-solving, check this out. New homes for low-income buyers are being built with the “trash” and scraps of materials that are left over, and would normally just be thrown away, from other builders’ projects! The link details this unique, creative method to make use of one man’s trash—and create another’s home.

Interesting article, the video goes into more detail. 0:45-5:28 is the most relevant section.

50 MILLION TONS of what is referred to as “e-waste” is produced each year!

If you’re on Facebook, type in “Unfriend Coal” in the search box, and “Like” the page if you want to support the campaign. 153,381 likes and counting!