one 1derful world

It’s time for our second question! We had some great responses to the first one, which was about water conservation (scroll down the page to read answers from followers!). For our second question, we’d like to ask:

In your opinion..

what is one [nonprofit/charity/sustainability/environmental awareness] organization that is really successful in either bringing attention to, or helping the environment?

This can be a company or charity, global or local..anything you want! Your submissions will also be considered so that we may feature one or more organizations in the near future!

What do you think?


A new feature that we’ll be adding for sort of a trial run (to see how it goes) is a series of ‘Questions’ posts! The first few will be questions from us to you, but feel free to submit your own questions that you’d like to see responses to! And please respond to any and all questions that you wish!

So for the first question:

What is your favorite way to conserve water?


Some exciting updates on what’s been happening with 1derfulworld!

Some quick facts:
- Our launch approximately 6 weeks ago began with posts about some great films and movie trailers that focused on the environment, and what we can do to help.
- Since then, we’ve posted some photos, music, and some of your submissions!
- Some awesome submissions included links for innovative ‘green’ ideas, free donation websites, photo galleries, food companies, and links to some unique sites that are truly amazing.


We just released our new 1derfulworld logo! You’ll find it now at the top of the sidebar, and probably in some posts in the near future.

After struggling for a while in terms of gaining followers, the blog is rapidly becoming more popular. With Tumblr followers on every continent except Antarctica, 1derfulworld is excited to see what we can do together as a global group to help the environment!

So continue to follow, tell your friends, and keep submitting those great posts! Thanks to everyone reading for their support and enthusiasm about this 1derfulworld!